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I should be writing a paper or doing an art project right now, but I am not. Hahah.

You know what's hard? Painting. FUCK PAINTING.

Anyway, got all A's in spring semester and summer session 1. Am off to a bad start for summer session 2 though. But hey, painting is hard. And the Opium War is not that interesting to me. Although apparently people got so addicted that they sold their kids for drugs. WTF.

R&J Choose Your Own Ending is all sold out!!!! WHEE! Omg, so good. I love this show and I love these people. This past weekend was crazy. Two shows, a wedding, ArtScape, and a descent into madness. Also I drank something that was blue, just one drink, and was drunk off my ass for a very, very long time afterwards. This does not happen to me. Well. That will teach me to drink alcohol ever again without Linden. Lolz, Frodo.

I wrote last night for the first time in months. It was pretty awesome. Not that I had time, but I blew off doing homework to have fun instead (this bit me in the ass today).

I have received an offer from a friend who guarantees he will make me be able to do 5 pull ups by the end of summer if I can commit to it. I laughed at him. And that was that. Exercise... how I wish I liked it more. My face gets purpley and splotchy. Flurple, even.

'Tis a color!


Everyone please take a look at this! We could really use your help. Even if it's just $5, any amount would be appreciated! And come out and see the show!
Psych test went great! Art History test in a few hours. Must prepare for horror of epic failure. Afterward, will go play mini golf. And possibly eat lots of ice cream. Then go home and write two papers.

Does anyone out there like art history? Because I try to care, but I really CANNOT. I will pay you to take this class for me. Just bend down to be short and wear a wig. Done.

On the bright side, I have no time to do anything, which includes eating, and have lost some of the weight I put on in GA. Also I get no sleep, which means I am a zombie. Not as cool. But will maybe blow off school to audition for new Simon Pegg zombie movie. Yes. I would totally do that.

There is a bathrobe thief in my house. I am going to find out who it is and get them.

Too much...

...to do. Geez. But I still hope FF13 comes in the mail soon, hahah. I want to play it so bad. But I am afraid after playing Okami which was SO UTTERLY FANTASTIC that I will hate every game I play for the rest of forever. Srsly.

Rehearsal (which is technically still going on) was good today, especially considering I slept for about 45 minutes last night. It is a hilarious show, but we did do one of the 2 (of 8 total) tragedy tracks. It was the original R&J. Very depressing. Still started out funny, though!

Mmm Meltyblend. Why is it all gone? Where did it go?

username change

So, since I am no longer 15 and in love with Legolas, I figured I should change my username. Previously "leggylover," I am now "ericaface." Just FYI. I might actually start updating again!

Sep. 14th, 2009

I haven't updated in a while, but I suppose Taylor Swift is worth it!


This is, of course, in response to:

Of course if you have met me, you would know that I LOVE HER. So yeah, I guess I have to hate him! Jackass. No, really. OBAMA SAID SO.

He might not have gotten us out of the recession yet, but at least he knows something! <3 Obama.

Life is trudging along, I suppose. I'm bored and yet very busy at the same time... sigh. I desperately want to do something creative other than draw (I'm taking a drawing class that is 3 hours long, twice a week. Very uncomfortable chairs.), but I haven't gotten the time. But! Kanye West is a jerk and I can successfully resent him whenever I feel uninterested in the world around me (which is full of sketch books, art supplies, and Adobe programs. It's actually really time consuming, just 4 classes...).

Taylor, I love you!

Ho hum.

Oh, and I found this poll....

HA HA bitch

Also, Memily is married!! Yay :)

Jul. 28th, 2009

Tomorrow: Germantown, Potomac, College Park, Potomac, Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Germantown. And the next day, Rhode Island. Then Maryland. Then Washington state. Then back to Maryland. Oh bejesus.

At least I get to wear a pretty dress! It is pink with dots on it. :) I've just noticed that I have got a lot of pink dresses... it's like I'm a girl or something. Hmm.

Moved out 2 days ago, cleaned room 3 days ago, went to doctor yesterday, moved Seth out today. Tomorrow is finishing both move-outs, the walkthrough with my landlady, seeing Linden, then La Ferme for restaurant week. After that I'm going to RI with Seth for a family gathering which has now turned into a memorial service, with the recent and unfortunate passing of his grandmother. :( I liked her a lot.

Hopefully the mood will not be somber enough for Seth to be able to show me around the town where he spent a decent amount of his childhood. It would be really nice! His dad built his whole house by himself from scratch. Awesome. Right out of home depot with his family doing the work with him. And also Norman (Seth's dad) looks like Daniel Craig. Maybe he secretly is a British spy. Hmm.

It's weird having a rearranged room. But at least it got cleaned, haha. Only took all day. Nasty jont.

Perhaps trip to Seattle to help Olga move in? I dunno. My mom suggested it, and if she wants to fund the thing, I have no problem going on a free vacation. AWESOME!

Aaaand then school starts. I'm going to try and convince my mom that bartending will not get me killed so that I can actually have money again. I'd really like to have a wad in the bank for a future down payment on a house or something. I figure I could save up $30 thou in a couple of years and just let it sit. I could get that much in 2 years working at stupid Best Buy; I'd get a lot more dishing out drinks to lonely people.

Mmmmphrghbleh! Undercooked spanakopita tastes bad.

Jul. 25th, 2009

So yesterday was Olga's goodbye party, and I think we're all depressed now. Joe fought this asshole who was there, and totally kicked his ass. I feel like I provoked it, though, so I feel bad. But it was the battle for Kelsey, so it's good that Joe won (he always wins anyway, so whatever). Poly made delicious rice pudding (all I was allowed to eat!) and I helped make awesome ribs. Lots of pictures. I will miss Olga very much :(

Today and tomorrow is me moving out. Going to Gtown right now to prep, then tomorrow I get the UHAUL. La la.

M-m-m-m-more later.

Jul. 15th, 2009

Harry Potter spoilers?Collapse )

"Not to mention the pincers!"

Going to Busch Gardens tomorrow until Sunday, which should be fun. After that I get looked at by the real-life equivalents of the House show, and then comes moving out. August 2nd I might go up to Rhode Island for a memorial service for Grandma T, which will be really sad. The only acting jobs (as an extra, of course) I've gotten have been over in PA and WV. It is annoying. There's tons of stuff in MD... sigh.

I started doing real art again! It's nice to have real hobbies. :)
Bleh lazy lazy. Went kayaking yesterday and two days before that in Annapolis. It was okay. I have the upper-body strength of a kitten, so I kinda got left behind, but if was still fun. I put on sunscreen this time, because three days ago I got pretty burnt.

Anniversary attempt 1 was a major fail that had me thinking about ending the whole thing, but we tried at it again and it was better. Argh.... introverts are SO ANNOYING to date!

Anywhoo, said introvert's birthday was yesterday. After kayaking with Matthew and Jessica, Seth and I went to PF Chang's with my parents and his grandparents. It was kind of weird. His graduation party was worse, though. Just me and his whole family, some of which were orthdox jews. I just hung out with Seth's brother and grandma the whole time, because it was only family, no friends. Omg, scary. The food was okay--it probably would've been better if it wasn't for all those silly kosher relatives (no offense, Zach). Have you ever had cake without any dairy product in it? It's pretty gross. I was surprised though, that it wasn't completely horrible. Hmm.

Linden is coming back soon! YAY!!

So this summer I'm probably going to attempt to reconnect with friends and get in on Richard's job as an extra with Central Casting. I can play anyone from 15 to like 25, so why not? I don't have to be able to act, at least that's what he said. Not that I suck at it. I play a mean 92 year old! Yes. It's that or an internship with a design group in Rockville (HZDG), but I don't think they'll take me yet, sigh. I'm waiting for the final word on whether or not they want me for the summer. HZDG just got VW (you know, the cars... I can't spell it.) as a client, so they should be needing an extra lackey or two.

Ummmmmmmm bored. Been waiting around all day just to let people into my house, most of which weren't even my own potential subletters. So yeah. I just took Seth's birthday cake out of the oven, and am waiting for it to cool to frost it. It's lemon poppy, which has given me some trouble in the past. We'll see what happens. Hopefully it won't make me choke like last time....

My latest boredom-killer has been old school Zelda (Link to the Past). It's kinda trippy, haha. I'm pretty sure Link is smoking something for a lot of the game so far.

Irkum needs to go to the train station this summer! I hope everyone will be around for at least a little bit. :)