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New LJ client that does everything for me--pretty cool.

Lots of stuff happening over the next few days....
Anybody want to sublet place in College Park for the summer? Know somebody who does?




Please, somebody take my room!


May. 10th, 2009

So much work, ew. Took a day off for taking pictures of the juggling thing this weekend. Fire is cool! Here are Christian, Matt, and Age:

Just four more days and I am DONE. Omg. Can't happen soon enough.
So I spent like... 6 hours in the lab today. Oh my god. Ehhhh. Got my photos done, though! Ridiculous. Still got a ton of stuff to finish though. Oh, sigh. Been listening to A&A song about how much IT HURTS. (not a bad song, however naughty)

Curse living with 5 boys! I have blisters on my fingers from so much Super Smash Bros (holla at the original!!!).

Uhhhmmmmm I'm gonna pop.

Might post a pic or two I'm proud of here... hmm...

May. 6th, 2009

Uuunngh this week is gonna be the ultimate struggle zone. So many projects, so little time. More of redos, though. If anybody feels like posing for my photography class before Saturday, gimme a shout! Warning: you may be subjected to running back and forth or jumping high or something.

In other news, I have Lupus. House would disagree, but my doctor says so. I'll take it over RA, though. Now THAT would suck. Only treatment for it is self-done shots all the time. In the stomach. EEWWWWW. But Lupus=pills, yay! I have some experience there.

Zappy, wanna jump some? Plz halps me.

HOORAY for Linden coming back to me!! YES! I love you.

Also, yays and congrats to Matt and Emily! <3

I need to stop watching Psych reruns and finish my flash project. Ehhhhhhhh.

I made taffy and toffee and they were tasty. :) Took 3 tries to get the taffy right though. Next I want to try cherry cordials, but I have to get good at popovers so I can impress the SO's rents. They're coming down from RI for graduation, which will be interesting.

Class is killing me... but not as fast as all the candy I'm making is! :) Someone please take it away so I can stop eating it. I heart making candy. And summer vacation. And Alton Brown. And... the sun. Where is it? Did someone hide it? Give it back!
GRRRRR I'm a werewolf!!! Watch out!
Soooo a lot has happened since I last typed jont in here. I quit BBY sometime in mid-Feb, which increased my happiness by a WHOLE LOT. Took up photography, which is really fun once you know wtf you're doing with your camera. Have been spending more time across the street at Seth's because he doesn't pay utilities and they have AC now! It's so, so good. I got like 3 hours of sleep last night it was so hot. But not anymore, MUAHAHAHAHA.

Today was awesome. Why? Because, it was the third time I tried making fucking salt water taffy. It finally worked!!! No more orange cement stuck to every surface in the kitchen! Oh damn it feels good to be a gangsta. Num num. My taffy is tasty.

I want to start updating this so that I'll remember what I was doing in my life since my memory is shot. I just never really have gotten around to it, but I'm gonna try to do more. So, life. It kind of sucks, the real part of it. Like... bills and shit. Oh no, real world! It's a scawy pwace.

So I figure that I'll shoot for an internship with HZDG in rockville. They just got VW as a client (huge!!) and should be needed sme extra lackeys. One I have my degree (in 8374837 years) maybe they'll hire me? We'll see. Seth is having better luck with the job market than I am (despite the crackpot economy), which is sort of good. Not like I'm graduating this May like he is! I would be so scared if I was, hahah. Will probably move back home for a few months until I figure out this internship thing. Hopefully it will be paid, though I doubt I'll get much more than I did at BBY. Which I will never go back to, btw. I do miss my homies though. :( I see them sometimes when they go out places, but we don't meet up all that much because Gtown is far from CP. Also, joint paints are a bitch and my doc still hasn't figured it out yet. Silly woman, hurry up and get me sum pills! It's owies. :(

Saw a Winter's Tale some time back and the Illusion a few days ago. Good stuff, but most of the former went right over my head. I wish I could see my friends more often, but everyone I know is very busy--and so am I. Well, with sleeping in. At least I'm not as bad as Pedro...

I just want to skip to the part where I have a steady job and no joint pains! And preferably have won the lottery. Also I would like to be famous. And cool.

Yay air conditioning!!
I'm really starting to resent work. I have no time for anything with the ridiculous hours and class as well. Some of the people there make me want to quit on the spot when I so much as see them, but I still want to be making money. Been looking for a different job until I go back to being a full-time student. What they pay me now at work is definitely not worth missing everything going on with my friends and that horrible drive 5 days a week. Not too sure what to do about everything. Hopefully will decide soon, because it's driving me nuts. Should also update more often with happier entries.

Sep. 5th, 2008

Whoever decided to move HP back to next summer is going to suffer.

In other news, my voice is completely shot. Like, nonexistent. Frick. Am getting time off from work as a result, but I'd do double time if it meant I could talk again. This morning I could like at least whisper and squeak. Now it's like... zip. Grr. And I actually stopped trying to talk.

Tomorrow is drinking gallons of water, and hopefully getting a bed. Possibly will get a haircut, but will be difficult because voice is broken. I really don't want to end up with a shaved head because of miscommunication.

Class is fun, I suppose. Parking is horrible though. I drove two strangers to their car to get their spot. They smelled bad and smoked.

One day I will get to see my friends.

I need to update more. Will eventually when I have time, hmm. Batman was awesome. And today, there was a little girl at Best Buy wearing a shirt that said "life begins at Hooters" on it. Parenting fail.

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